Pluto CMS is an avanced content management system aimed for building simple and advanced websites. It is built using a plugable architecture and supports displaying products, articles, news, forms, ... without sacrificing the ease of use. Non IT specialized people can learn to manage it in minutes.

Pluto CMS is built using state of the art technology and well known standards like ASP.NET, Ajax, CSS2, ... . It also supports multilanguage websites with any number of langauges out of the box.

- Highly SEO freindly
- Search engine freindly urls.
- Auto extract keywords and description from the content of the pages.
- Advanced and easy to use control panel web interfaces.
- Support for multilanuage websites.
- Support for users and permissions.
- Website search capabilites.
- Can install nearly any type of interface design.
- Ability to edit the main page's content.
- Can create an unlimited number of sections and pages in a 'Windows Explorer' like method.
- Can create an unlimited number of contact forms (Contact us, Support, Suggestions, ...).
- Can attach files (images, pdfs, videos, ...) with the website pages.
- The website menus automaically updates according to the new contents added.
- Advertisement and announcements management section that allows you to add, edit and delete any type of advertisement on your website pages (html, images, Flash, ...).
- Add, edit and delete voting blocks.
- Newsletter registering system.
- Cached and on the fly thumbnail generators the produces high quality thumbnails with the lowest resources usage possible.
- Visitors comments system that allows the adminstrator to veriyfy and publish visitors comments.
- Important items spots that allows the administrator to choose important news, articles or products to be displayed in a special way.
- A scrolling text banner.
- An advanced ajax web file explorer that allows the adminstrator to browse and edit the website's files and folders.

The CMS can be expanded and customized according to the customer's needs.
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