Plutosms server is a bulk sms management system designed for sms service providers. The system is designed for handling high volume requests and minimum maintenance, with state of the art core design that will guarantee good stability and uptime.
Plutosms server can handle sending millions of sms messages daily to different SMSCs using a variety of major protocols (*), while keeping summaries and details of the flow in the system for each sms.
The system takes quality of the service and the system uptime very seriously. It has special components and services that its sole mission is to monitor the performance of the system and take corrective actions when needed, to insure no or minimum damage to the quality of the service.
The system has a low cost of ownership expense due to the automated maintenance services and a very smart least cost message router so your company can make the highest profit available without sacrificing quality.
The system is designed to be linked to almost any SMSC that supports major sms protocols. It has a very flexible settings system so that you can take the best advantages of the SMSC gateways and APIs (calibrating and fine tuning the link for each gateway for best performance).
 The system was built using the most advanced programming technologies and modern programming techniques. Our technical and engineering team has very skilled personals all certified from the mother parties of the technologies they are specialized in (Microsoft, Oracle, EC-Council, …), and they provide excellent level 3 support for the product. We are also ready to customize the product according to your business needs.
We are always testing, developing and improving our system, and our goal is to provide our clients with the best technology with the lowest price possible.

Plutosms Server image


Basic sending functions

Can send to single, multiple and group destination addresses
Support 7 bit, 7 bit flash, Unicode and Unicode flash messages
Support local and remote delay of messages before delivering (letting the local system do the delay or the remote SMSC gateway) config
Address book with the ability of grouping, import and export of address book entries

Users Management

Multilevel users
System Administrator User
Message Center Administrator User
Reseller User
Normal User
Users management interface
Users filtering according to username & parent account
Reseller accounts can manage their own users list and their credits
Message Center Administrator account can manage all resellers and their users in the message center (all users in the message center)
Ability to force the user to use specific source addresses or any source address
The user can change his personal information and password


Set price for each gateway
Auto credits billing when sending sms according to each gateway price
Support Refund On Failure for specific or all users
Charge credits to users and resellers accounts
Remove credits from users and resellers accounts


Support multiple gateways
Support SMPP protocol
Support HTTP protocol
Support Gsm protocol
Support normal and bulk SMSC gateways
Support parallel request sending (multithread)
Support splitting bulk jobs to multiple requests according to what the SMSC gateway


Different price for each gateway
Timeout detectors for each gateway
Support number range and pattern for each gateway
Fast and powerful outbound sms messages pooling with support to continue after server down failures


Route single and bulk sms messages to one or multiple gateway
Very fast routing (routes a message with 100,000 destination address in less than 500 milliseconds on an average pc)
Route messages according to the number pattern
Support routing according to least cost
Support routing according to best reliability
Support routing according to gateway protocol preferred
Reject sms messages when no suitable gateway found (prohibit sending of unsupported sms messages)
Can force a certain gateway for a certain user and override most routing stages


Very fast blacklist engine that blocks the message or certain destination addresses
Add, edit and deleted blacklisted source addresses for all or specific gateways (Message Center Wide)
Add, edit and deleted blacklisted destination addresses for all or specific gateways (Message Center Wide)

Message Evaluator

Evaluate sms message parameters before sending it and rejects it if inappropriate or missing parameters or values

Server Interfaces

Advanced web interface
Http interface (Send & Query balance functions API)

Additional services

Watchdog timers
Maintenance service (logs rounding, credits verifications, gateway health monitoring, spool status monitoring, sends email alerts, …)


Details sent sms messages report
Detailed credits charge report
Daily and monthly sent sms messages report for admins
Users sent sms messages report for admins
Custom requested reports.
And many other features.

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