About the company

Information technology plays an important role in our society. According to the latest statistics, the Arab world is way behind most other countries, even the nearest neighbor countries. If we compare the number of domains registered in Turkey for example with the number of domains registered in the whole Arab countries, we will find that Turkey has 868000 domain registered until March 2010 which is way more domains than registered in all the Arab countries.

Syria has only 10500 domains registered and has the position 85 worldwide. A lot of these domains are registered for website in other Arab countries. By observing the above information, any new established software company in Syria or the Arab world is a valuable addition to the software market.

Plutosoft was established in year 2007. Its name was inspired according to a philosophy & purpose. The philosophy of choosing the name was due to the decision made by the General Assembly of the International Federation of Space Science that stated Pluto is not a planet. We chose this name to remember the previous so called planet and as a symbol to that we are ready to go to the furthest point we can reach in the software technology system.

Plutosoft is one of the pilot companies that uses advanced software technologies and relies on scientific researches. We are very proud of our experienced staff engineers whom hold fine academical and professional certificates from the world most known technology organizations and companies.

Our Vision & Goals

At Plutosoft, we look forward to take a pilot position in the Arabic IT society, and help developing and improving it in all sectors.

We aim to serve the financial and social sectors and help them to make the best use of IT technologies to expand their reach and communication, save time and resources, improve their work environment and enhance customers trust. These factors are the base to any successful project.

Our Team

At Plutosoft, we believe that investing in human resources is the best way to achieve the company's goals and vision. The company is always developing its team members skills and experiences along with the production process. Our team members hold the following professional certificates

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