"If you have a website then you exist", this motto is believed in the modern world to be true. At Plutosoft we believe that "If you have a well designed and built, well managed website then you exist". Building outstanding, professionally designed websites is our specialty. We take each case as a challenge, studying it carefully and building it uniquely. Our engineers use the most advanced techniques to present your thoughts, products and services, blending colors and technology in an artistic way to produce a unique masterpiece.

Turning your dreams into reality

Have you dreamt what your website will look and feel like. How it will provide information and services to your clients. We will make your dreams come true. We work closely with our clients honoring every detail, documenting every thought and adding our experience to it so you can have a perfect solution.

Big, bigger and even bigger

If you are an individual, small growing business or a cooperate, we have what you need.

Secure web applications

good secure applications means more client trust and a factor of long lasting investments. When it comes to security, we take it very seriously. We host under our roof real white hat certified security professionals (white hat hackers) who their sole mission is to test and secure your websites and web applications. You can rest your head on your pillow every night knowing that bad guys will have a very hard time trying to crack your website.

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